2015/2016 DAAD University Summer Courses offered in Germany for Foreign Students and Graduates

Application Deadline: December 15 2014

This scholarship programme aims to help students and graduates improve their knowledge of German (general language, special language) and their cultural knowledge of the country.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students who have completed at least two years of a Bachelor or Master’s degree programme in any subject area at the start of the scholarship period may apply.
  • Students in the last year of a Bachelor programme are eligible to apply if they intend to start a Master’s degree programme shortly after completing their BA. Please attach a letter of confirmation from the university as proof.
  • Neither graduates holding a Master’s degree nor PhD students are eligible for this programme.

What requirements have to be fulfilled?

  • The grant holder must be at least 18 years old when he/she starts the funded stay.
  • Applicants must be registered at a university in their home country or in their country of permanent residence (except Germany) at the time their funded stay begins.
  • An applicant may only be considered once in any three consecutive years for a DAAD Intensive Language Course or University Summer Course Grant.
  • It is not possible to apply simultaneously for an Intensive Language Course and University Summer Course Grant

What is supported?

  • The programme funds attendance of language and area studies courses as well as special language / terminology courses that are offered by state or state-recognised German universities and by affiliated language schools.
  • You can find out about course providers and programmes on the DAAD website under: www.daad.de/hsk-kursliste

Duration of funding

  • The courses run for at least 18 teaching days (max. 5 days/week, excluding days of arrival and departure) with a minimum of 25 hours of teaching a week.
  • The grants are non-renewable.
  • The courses are offered in the summer months (usually from June) during the recess period at German universities.


  • One-off scholarship payment of 850 euros; participants from the countries defined by the “OECD-DAC-List” (www.oecd.org/dac/stats/daclist – Least Developed Countries) receive a scholarship of 1,025 euros.
  • Payment of a country-specific travel allowance (exception: Western Europe), see: www.daad.de/rkp-hsk_hwk_isk (an overview of travel allowances for 2015 will be published from November 2014)
  • Payments towards health, accident and personal liability insurance cover


  • A selection committee reviews applications
  • The most important selection criteria are:
    – previous academic achievements
    – convincing arguments for choice of study programme and subject
    – knowledge of German

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the  2015/2016 DAAD University Summer Courses offered in Germany for Foreign Students and Graduates


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