Bristol Short Story Prize 2019 International writing competition for writers

Maombi Tarehe ya mwisho: May 1st 2019

Karibu Bristol Short Story Prize – an annual international writing competition open to all published and unpublished, UK and non-UK based writers.

The Bristol Short Story Prize is an international writing competition based in Bristol, UK, which aims to publish great short stories and promote the stories and writers as much as possible. Discovering previously unpublished writers is central to our aims and we are absolutely committed to celebrating the short story genre and making it accessible and available to as wide an audience as we can.

The Bristol Short Story Prize is an international writing competition founded by the editors of the quarterly cultural magazine Bristol Review of Books katika 2007.


  • Kwa publish a brilliant short story anthology every year full of fresh and original stories, and to get it stocked in as many bookshops as possible. This includes high street chains, independent shops and online booksellers.
  • Kwa inspire and encourage writers.
  • Kwa discover and promote previously unpublished writers.
  • Kwa provide an opportunity for writers to get published.
  • Kwa share our enthusiasm for short stories in as many ways and with as many people as possible.
  • Kwa establish Bristol as a short story centre.
  • Kwa raise the profile, support and raise funds for Bristol Review of Books magazine. (BROB magazine is not being published at the moment but we hope to be part of its return to publication at some stage in the future.)


Please read the rules for the 2019 Bristol Short Story Prize carefully before entering:

  1. Closing date for receipt of entries is May 1st 2019 at midnight BST (‘midnight’ meaning the very last second of May 1st 2019).
  2. Wahamiaji wanapaswa kuwa zaidi ya umri wa miaka 16 siku ya kufunga, Mei 1st 2019.
  3. Urefu wa juu wa maoni ni maneno ya 4,000 (haijumuishi kichwa), hakuna urefu mdogo. Hadithi zinaweza kuwa juu ya mada yoyote au somo na zinakaribishwa kwa mtindo wowote ikiwa ni pamoja na mchoro, mstari au genre-based (Uhalifu, Sayansi ya Fiction, Ndoto, Historia, Romance, Watoto nk.).
  4. The 2019 Bristol Short Story Prize is open to all published and unpublished writers. There is no geographical restriction on entry – the 2019 Bristol Short Story Prize is open to everyone, whether they are based in the UK or outside the UK. Entries can be made online au kwa baada ya. All entries must be in English. Online entries should be submitted via the online kuingia kituo, kawaida katika hati ya neno, pdf au sawa. Entries ya posta will only be accepted as printed typescripts. There are no specific formatting requirements: font type, font size, line spacing etc. Writers may format their work in the way they feel is most appropriate – we do not specify any particular format for submissions. Please send postal entry/entries to: Bristol Short Story Prize, Unit 5.16, Paintworks, Bath Road Bristol BS4 3EH
  5. Waandishi wanaweza kuingia hadithi kama vile wanavyopenda. Kuna ada ya kuingia ya £ 9 kwa kila hadithi iliyowasilishwa kwa Tuzo la Muhtasari wa 2019 Bristol. Malipo kwa entries online kwa tuzo ya muda mfupi wa 2019 Bristol inapaswa kufanywa kupitia tovuti online kuingia kituo. Entrants will be transferred to the Paypal website after they have submitted their story/stories to the 2019 Bristol Short Story Prize to pay the entry fee. Payment for postal entries to the 2019 Bristol Short Story Prize should be made by cheque. Cheque payments must be in pounds sterling and cheques should be made payable to ‘Bristol Short Story Prize Ltd.’. Each postal submission must be accompanied by a signed entry form confirming an entrant has read the rules of the 2019 Bristol Short Story Prize and accepts the rules of the 2019 Bristol Short Story Prize.
  6. Entries haitarudi. Tafadhali endelea nakala. Hakuna marekebisho au mabadiliko yanaweza kufanywa baada ya kupokea kuingia.
  7. Entries lazima iwe kazi ya mtu aliyeingia na haipaswi kamwe kuchapishwa hapo awali, kwa kuchapishwa au mtandaoni (ikiwa ni pamoja na kuchapishwa binafsi, ebook, magazeti, majarida, tovuti, blogs, maeneo ya mtandao wa kijamii), au kutangaza au kushinda tuzo katika ushindani mwingine wa kuandika kabla ya Oktoba 12th 2019. Any entry found to have been plagiarised will be disqualified. Simultaneous submissions are welcome but please let us know as soon as possible if a story is to be published elsewhere, in print or online (including self-published, ebook, magazines, journals, websites, blogs, social network sites), or broadcast or has won a prize in another writing competition on or before October 12th 2019.
  8. Entries will be read and judged anonymously; entrants’ names and contact details should only appear on the entry form and not anywhere on their stories/manuscripts. The stories/manuscripts must be free of all personal information about the author. This includes age and address.

Please contact us via email in the first instance:

Our address is: Unit 5.16, Paintworks, Bath Road, Bristol BS4 3EH. We share an office with leading Bristol publisher Tangent Books.

Phone number is: 0117 9720645 please ask to speak to our Co-ordinator, Joe Melia or to Richard Jones. Office hours are 10.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.


Kwa Taarifa Zaidi:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Bristol Short Story Prize 2019 International writing competition


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