call for proposals: The EU-funded MedFilm4all grant for MENA film projects

Maombi Tarehe ya mwisho: October 18, 2018 at 21:00 (GMT)

The EU-funded MedFilm4all project (ENI/2016/382-699) launches its second call for proposals that will stay open from September 3 to October 18, 2018. This call for proposals will support local initiatives covering seven Southern Mediterranean countries: Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Occupied Palestinian Territory and Libya.

Selected projects will address the problems related to access to films tackling social and gender issues in rural areas.

Priority will be given to projects aiming at a) widening the audience for films in rural settings, especially amongst the youth b) improving the image of women through the audio-visuals c) reinforcing capacities of women working in the film industry sector.

Utaratibu wa Maombi:

Applications must be submitted via email to with the following object: MedFilmApplication_Country of Lead Applicant.

To submit the call, applicants must follow the MedFilm4all call guidelines and return:

  • The application form (Annex A)
  • The logical framework (Annex B)
  • The budget (Annex C)
  • All official documents for all organizations applying for the project(registration dossiers or the latest statutory accounts). Official documents in Arabic must be translated into English or French.

MedFilm4all call for proposals guidelines are available in 3 languages: English, French and Arabic. In case of discrepancy, the English version will prevail. You can download the documents to complete the application in English or French on this page (on the right side of the page: MedFilm4all call guidelines_English / MedFilm4all call guidelines_French)

  • Applications must be sent in English or French. The documents completed in Arabic will not be taken into consideration, which implies the exclusion from project selection

Kwa Taarifa Zaidi:

Visit the Official Webpage of the EU-funded MedFilm4all grant


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