ConnectHer Wasichana huathiri tamasha la filamu la dunia 2019 Video Contest ($ USD 25,000 katika Tuzo)

Maombi Tarehe ya mwisho: Januari 20, 2019

Wasichana wanaathiri tamasha la filamu la dunia is an annual event that focuses on issues facing women and girls around the world. High school and undergraduate students, submit your 3-6 minute short films that address global womenXCHARXs issues such as: education for girls, maternal health, violence against women and girls, and a variety of other issues.


  • Students enrolled in high school or undergraduate programs are qualified to enter. If chosen as a finalist, filmmakers must provide proof of enrollment at their school/university. (Special circumstances may be considered for youth who are not in school.)
  • Filmmakers must be 25 years old or under by the submission date
  • You may enter up to TWO films as long as they address two separate topics.

Film Mahitaji:

  • Films must be 3 to 6 minutes long.
    – They must focus on a Girls Impact the World mada and/or propose solutions to one critical challenge within that topic.
  • Films must be created after January 1, 2018.
  • Be an original film that does NOT contain copyrighted material.
  • Original work should never be a copy or remake of another film. All Girls Impact the World Film Festival film submission must be original works made entirely by students. That means that scripts and storyboards, directing, cinematography, editing, etc., must be done by students aged 25 and under although teachers and advisers can offer input.
  • Actors and film subjects may be non-students.
  • Powerpoints will not be accepted.


  • Winners will be awarded over $25K in prizes! The Red Carpet Event for the 2019 awards ceremony will be held in Austin, TX, USA on Saturday, April 13, 2019.


Tuma Filamu Yako Ili Kushinda Tuzo za Kushangaza na Fursa za Mafunzo

Waamuzi 'Chaguo Tuzo kubwa: $ 5000

Wafanyakazi 'Chagua 1st Runner Up: $ 2500

Waamuzi 'Chagua 2nd Runner Up: $ 1000

Gems 'Choice Grand Tuzo: $ 1000

Mshindi wa Chagua wa Watu: $ 2500 (kulingana na idadi ya fb anapenda + tweets - mshindi atachaguliwa kutoka juu ya maarufu zaidi ya 10) *

Filamu nyingi za ubunifu au Solution: $ 1000

Msingi wa Ian Somerhalder Foundation Kijani IS Tuzo - $ 2500

UWEZI MUNGU Tuzo - $ 2500

Global Impact Tuzo: $ 2,500

Wanasimama Wanaume Tuzo: $ 2,500

Wasichana katika STEM Tuzo: $ 2,000

Hebu Wasichana Jifunze Tuzo: $ 1,000

2019 SUBMISSION FORM / Questions?

Before submitting, please check:
1)Does your film address at least one of the GITW issue areas (see miongozo page)?
1A) GREEN IS entries, please check box below, “Enter this film into the Green IS Contest”.
2)Is your film between 3 XCHARX 6 minutes?
3)Are you a current high school or undergraduate student?
4)Is your submission an ORIGINAL film?
5)Did you include the mwisho la alama still image in your film?
Please read ALL Film Mahitaji ya before submitting your film.

Kwa Taarifa Zaidi:

Tembelea ukurasa wa Tovuti rasmi wa ConnectHer Girls Impact World Film Festival 2019


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