Echidna Global Scholars Program 2018/2019 at Brookings Institution, Washington D.C USA ( USD $5,000/Month Stipend XCHARX Fully Funded)

Mwisho wa Maombi: Oktoba 1st 2018

Mpango wa Wanafunzi wa Echidna Global ni ushirika wa kutembelea uliofanyika na Center for Universal Education (CUE) at the Brookings Institution. The program aims to build the research, analytical, and leadership skills of NGO leaders and academics who have substantial experience with and ties to developing countries, whose work has a specific focus on improving learning opportunities and outcomes for girls in the developing world.

Echidna Global Scholars spend four to six months at Brookings Institution in Washington D.C. The structure of the program is divided into two main components to assist the scholars in having impact when returning to their home countries: research on global education issues, and leadership training. The research component of the program will include a data-collection phase at home and a writing and analysis phase during a residency at Brookings. It aims to equip global girls’ education leaders with the skills and support necessary to create a written policy research product to affect change for girls in their home countries.

The leadership component of this program is built on the understanding that emotionally intelligent leadership is a core competency in girls’ education leadership and is thus integrated throughout the scholars’ residency at Brookings. Scholars will be exposed to new frameworks of leadership and be required to continually think reflexively on their own leadership style and philosophy. Upon completion of their fellowship, CUE supports the scholars in implementing an action plan that applies their new skills and expertise in the developing country where they have demonstrated substantial ties. This position would be ideal for a candidate with 10-15 years of professional experience in a related field.


Mahitaji ya Elimu / Uzoefu:

  • The program selects professionals with substantial experience in and ties to developing countries, a demonstrated intent to return to a developing country after completing the period of residency at Brookings, and a passion and demonstrated commitment to girls’ education.
  • Applicants should have a background in education, development, economics, or a related area, with a minimum of 10 years of professional experience in either research/academia; non-government and civil society; government; or business.
  • Shahada ya Mwalimu inahitajika; Ph.D. au historia ya utafiti ilipendelea sana.

Mahitaji ya ujuzi / ujuzi:

Strong analytical and writing skills. Successful applicants will have an intimate understanding of education development issues and gender.


  • Please note that this position is a short-term full-time resident fellowship at Brookings (it is not an employee position).
  • Applicants selected for the fellowship will receive a living stipend of USD $5,000 a month (subject to U.S. tax withholding and reporting), paid single-occupancy housing for the four-and-a-half-month term, and round-trip travel expenses, and a limited health insurance plan.

Mahitaji ya Programu:

Echidna Global Scholars must be available for a full-time, on-site affiliation with the Brookings Institution for the entire duration of the residency of the program as well as a pre-arrival data collection phase of research prior to their arrival. Soon after selection, Echidna Global Scholars are required to conduct research on a topic approved by Christina Kwauk, Fellow and lead of the Girl’s Education team at CUE. Scholars will present their research papers at a Brookings hosted day-long conference at the end of the residency. Each Scholar is expected to be an active participant in Brookings and CUE activities, including, but not limited to, regularly-scheduled organizational staff meetings, informal discussions, seminars, presentations, and other CUE and Brookings events.

Jinsi ya Kuomba:

  1. Submit a cover letter that explains your goals and intent for the program, along with your curriculum vitae or resume which will include a list of your publications, and fellowships, honors, awards, funded research, or foundation support that you have received. Please attach curriculum vitae or resume and cover letter as one document when you apply, as instructed.
  2. When prompted, attach answers to Questionnaire, in the Writing Sample section. Click hapa kufikia hati
  3. When prompted, attach Research Project Proposal, in the Writing Sample section. Click hapa kufikia hati

*Documents must be saved with a format of Last Name, First Name and document name (for example: Doe_Jane_CV).Note that letter of recommendations, writing samples and transcripts are NOT required. Please upload Questionnaire and Research Project Proposal in the Writing Sample section.

  1. Waombaji tu waliochaguliwa kwa mahojiano watawasiliana. Wagombea waliochaguliwa kwa mahojiano wanaweza kuulizwa kuwasilisha vifaa vya ziada. Programu zisizokwisha kukamilika, na programu zozote zilizopokea baada ya tarehe ya mwisho hazitazingatiwa. Ikiwa unahitaji udhamini wa visa kushiriki katika mpango huu wa ushirika, ujuzi wako wa Kiingereza utahakikishwa kupitia tathmini ya lengo kama inavyotakiwa na Idara ya Jimbo la Marekani.

Muda wa Muda na Maombi:

  • Muda wa mwisho wa maombi: Oktoba 1, 2018
  • Tentative Residency Term: June 3, 2019- October 18, 2019

Kwa Taarifa Zaidi:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Echidna Global Scholars Program 2018/2019


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