GIJC 2019 Fellowships To Attend the 11th Global Investigative Journalism Conference XCHARX Hamburg, Germany (Fully Funded)

Maombi Tarehe ya mwisho: Mei 5, 2019.

Mkutano wa Kimataifa wa Upelelezi wa Uandishi wa Habari (GIJC) is the premier international gathering of investigative and data journalists, held once every two years. This year, the 11th conference will be held in Hamburg, Germany, from September 26 to 29, and is being co-hosted by the Global Investigative Journalism Network, Netzwerk Recherche na Interlink Academy.

GIJC19 itaonekana over 150 exciting panels, workshops, and networking sessions, ranging from cross-border collaboration and corruption to advanced data analysis. GIJC will have special tracks on documentaries, sustainability strategies, safety and security, and more. Here’s a chance to learn from the best in the field and enhance your skills with the latest tips and tools.

With the support of our sponsors, the conference is offering more than 200 fellowships to both established and young promising journalists in developing and transitioning countries, and for journalists from specific communities such as LGBTQ and indigenous peoples, to participate in this prestigious event. Competition is keen so you need to convince us that you will make great use of the training GIJC19 offers.


+ Open to full-time print, online, television, video, radio, documentary and multimedia journalists in developing or transitioning countries;

+ Experience in investigative or data journalism a plus;

+ Special categories for journalists from LGBTQ communities, indigenous peoples, citizen investigators, and journalists exiled from their homelands;

+ Sorry, Western journalists based overseas are not eligible.

Mahitaji ya Ushirika

Following the conference, fellows are required to either produce a story directly related to #GIJC19 or give a presentation of the knowledge you have gained at #GIJC19 in your home country to other colleagues or the journalism community at-large. Mifano hapa.


Ushirika wa GIJC19 Unajumuisha

+ Round-trip airfare to Hamburg, Germany
+ Chumba cha hoteli kwa usiku wa nne
+ Transport between Hamburg airport and the conference hotel
+ Chakula cha mchana na chakula cha mchana siku za mkutano
+ Sherehe ya sherehe ya chakula cha jioni
+ Ada ya mkutano

VIDOKEZO: The fellowship does not include a per diem, visa fees, or transport to and from your home country airport. This is a training conference, and fellows are expected to pay for these costs.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: May 5, 2019. Successful fellows will be notified via email by June 30, 2019.

Kwa Taarifa Zaidi:

Visit the Official Webpage of the GIJC 2019 Fellowships


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