Hilton Worldwide Elevator Graduate Programme 2019 for Middle East XCHARX Africa

Mwisho wa Maombi: haijulikani

Programu ya Meneja Mkuu wa Elevator inalenga kuendeleza kundi la watu wenye vipaji, wenye simu za kimataifa na kufuatilia haraka kwa nafasi za Usimamizi Mkuu ndani ya miaka 5-8 ya kuanzisha Programu.

Elevator consists of an 18-month training programme which encompassess two international 9-month placements. During your placements, you will combine operational, all-round experience working in the 4 main hotel business areas of Operations, Business Development, Human Resources and Finance. You will also participate in off-the-job training and have business driven projects to complete.

During Elevator your progress is constantly assessed, so you always know how you are developing. As the programme is so flexible, it will take into account all training that you have had to date and build on it, rather than making you repeat things unnecessarily.


The Programme is designed to give you the foundation knowledge for your journey to GM through a broad based management learning experience across all core functions of the hotel.

It is an 18 month programme based on two placements in two different countries and/or Regions. It includes:

  • Structured Group Orientation
  • Tailored Job Experience in all Functions, taking account of any previous experience
  • Formal off-the-job learning in a range of business disciplines
  • Virtual Classrooms and Hilton University e-modules
  • Two major Business Projects
  • Personal Mentor (typically a seasoned GM)
  • Competency Based Personal Development Plan
  • Career Development Reviews


Eneo la uwekaji wako itategemea upatikanaji na lugha unazozungumza.


The 2019 MEA Elevator Program starts on 01 September 2019.

Kujifunza & Maendeleo:

During your 18-month training you will take part in four residential courses. As an Elevator participant you will also have access to the Hilton University, our on-line learning and development tool, through which you can complete e-learning courses, learn a language on-line and make use of our on-line business library.

Pia kuna vigezo vinne kuu vya Programu ya Meneja Mkuu:

  • You have a true ambition to become General Manager
  • You have to be graduated in the period of July 2017 until 31 August 2019 from a well-respected Hotel or Business School.
  • You must be willing/able to live and work in MEA
  • You will be fluent in English.
  • A second modern language would be considered a plus
  • You are internationally mobile within MEA, with preferably hotel or hospitality work experience.

Please also note that as an internal candidate, you must have approval from your Regional Director of HR to apply for this programme and currently hold a non supervisory level position. We already have a number of fantastic internal management development programmes for team members of supervisory level or above.

Apply Now for the Hilton Worldwide Elevator Graduate Programme 2019

If you still might have any questions, please contact:

Björn Olthof, Senior Manager Graduate Recruitment Europe, Middle East & Africa (E: bjorn.olthof@hilton.com)

Kwa Taarifa Zaidi:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Hilton Worldwide Elevator Graduate Programme 2019


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