Hult Prize 10th Year Anniversary Challenge 2019 for high impact Entrepreneurs (grand prize of USD1Million)

Mwisho wa Maombi: Desemba 23, 2018.

Tuzo ya Hult is a start-up accelerator for impact entrepreneurship which brings together the brightest college and university students from around the globe to solve the world’s most pressing issues through pitching ideas and launching companies. It’s the biggest and most prestigious start-up event in the world, and awards millions of dollars in investment capital to young budding entrepreneurs, including a grand prize of USD1Million.

Addressing the global youth challenge means starting anew. New ideas. New business models. New technologies. New mindsets.

The 2019 Hult Prize Challenge as announced by President Bill Clinton at the United Nations is: “For Us, By Us: The Global Youth Unemployment Challenge” We want you, the youth to take on and act to develop a venture that will create 10,000 meaningful jobs for the youth within the next decade – with no restrictions in the industry of where these jobs come from. That is why this challenge, as our 10th Anniversary is so important and unique: it is as broad and as important as ever

Each year, a pressing social challenge is selected by President Clinton and becomes the theme for the respective cycle. The “President’s UN Challenge” provides a specific and measurable objective that each participating team is intended to solve through the creation of a sustainable enterprise. In March, selected participants are invited to pitch their start-ups that specifically address the challenges identified in that year’s challenge. A clearly defined framework is also provided to ensure your idea contains the necessary qualities and mandates to be an innovation breakthrough.

How the Hult Prize Works:

  • There are multiple programs, and multiple rounds of competition. Your goal is to make it to the summer 8-week incubator which is hosted in our castle where you will live, work, learn and play as you develop your game-changing enterprise. The top 50 companies from around the world advance. From there, six are selected to pitch at the United Nations for USD1,000,000. There is funding and mentorship throughout.
  • Kuna njia tatu za kuwa sehemu ya juu ya 50,
  • 1) kushinda mzunguko wa mwisho wa kikanda
  • 2) kushinda pande zote za nchi au
  • 3) win a wildcard round. There are two ways into a regional final, either you win an on-campus Hult Prize which may or may not be happening at your university, or you submit into the general application window.
  • If none of these paths work for you, then you would have one more shot via our Hult Prize National Program which may or may not be happening in your country. If it is, then you are in-luck because national program winners receive investment capital and a one-way ticket into our summer incubator.

Tuzo ya Pesa:

  • The prize money is seeded into the newly created company, which will be run by the student team who came up with the idea. We also have funding available through our national programs which have a similar structure.

Utaratibu wa Maombi:

Timu za wanafunzi wanaopenda kushiriki katika tukio hilo zinapaswa kutembelea ili kujaza programu ya mtandaoni. Kuomba ni rahisi na ina hatua nne rahisi:

  1. Chagua jiji la ushindani
  2. Unda timu ya wanafunzi wa 3-4 kutoka chuo kikuu au chuo kikuu ambacho hushiriki mateso yako
  3. Pakia uandishi wako na taarifa moja ya timu ya kusudi katika programu ya mtandaoni
  4. Angalia mara kwa mara ili uone kama timu yako imechaguliwa au kujiunga na ukurasa wetu wa Facebook

Mafunzo yaliyochaguliwa kushindana katika Finals Regional itakuwa na wajibu wa kupata safari zao wenyewe kusafiri na kutoka tukio hilo. Mafunzo, mchanganyiko wa kabla ya tukio, chakula na vinywaji kila siku na mapokezi ya baada ya tukio yote yatafunikwa.

General Application

Compete on the global stage at one of 25 regional final rounds across the world for the chance to join the summer Hult Prize Accelerator at the castle.

Tumia sasa

Hult Prize On Campus

Winning teams from each of the nearly 1,000 Hult Prize On Campus events bypass the general application round to compete in one of 25 regional finals.

Find your school

Hult Prize Regionals

Winning teams will bypass the regional finals and be directly admitted into the Hult Castle Accelerator.

Find your country

Hult Prize Online Competition

Compete in a wild card round after the regional finals for one more opportunity to join the Hult Castle Accelerator.

Kuomba Sasa

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