Spark * Mpango wa Accelerator wa Kenya 2018 kwa Wajasiriamali wa Kenya

Mwisho wa Maombi: 4th Machi 2018

You might think that some of the questions here are pretty advanced, but remember we back startup entrepreneurs, so we don’t expect you to have everything figured out just yet. We expect that if you become a Spark* entrepreneur that your venture will grow rapidly and this application helps us track that better.

The Spark * Accelerator Programu is a powerful opportunity for passionate impact entrepreneurs in Kenya who are at the early stages of building businesses and organisations that exist to change the lives of Kenyans.

Spark are looking for Kenyan startups who:

- Tayari ilizindua biashara ambayo inafanya tofauti katika maisha ya Wakenya (kwa kuboresha elimu, afya, nyumba au kujenga kazi nzuri).

- Unataka kuongeza biashara yao ili kuwaathiri watu wengi zaidi.


If you are successful in your application you:

ATTEND THE SPARK* ACCELERATOR – An intensive five day live-in workshop in Nairobi where you join a small group of Spark* entrepreneurs and access world class entrepreneurship training designed to help you focus your business and accelerate the growth of your venture.

- Pata NETWORK Msaada wa SPARK – Beyond the accelerator you receive ongoing training and support from Spark* and we connect you to experts and professionals who can help you as you launch and grow your business. Specifically we provide you with 12 months of access to graphic designers, website creators, business coaches, mentors, research assistants, lawyers and accountants (all super helpful for your venture). Your venture also has the opportunity to continually apply for small grants (hadi KES 80,000) kukusaidia kuondokana na vikwazo na mawazo ya mtihani kukua athari au uendelevu wa mradi wako.

– ACCESS GROWTH SUPPORT & CONNECTIONS – The best Spark* entrepreneurs move into growth, where we provide larger amounts of support to help you grow a model that have proven in the startup phase. At this level you can access larger rounds of funding, of over $10,000 Australian dollars (typically $25,000), are connected directly to our investor partners and our team work closely with you to strategise specific approaches that will help you dramatically increase your impact and sustainability.

Kwa Taarifa Zaidi:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Spark* Kenya 2018 Accelerator Program


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