Standard Bank Derek Cooper Africa Scholarships 2019 for Young Africans to study in the UK (Fully Funded)

Mwisho wa Maombi: Kuhamishwa na Taasisi

Benki ya Standard Afrika, Derek Cooper Scholarship marks the culmination of over thirty years of direction, vision and action attributed to Derek Cooper, a true African business leader and former Chairman of the Standard Bank Group. “Africa is our home, and we are focused on driving her growth.” With a heritage of over 155 years, we are a leading integrated financial services group on the African continent with an on-the-ground presence in 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, where we also trade as Stanbic Bank.

It is becoming clearer that Africa has a critical role to play in shaping the 21st Century. The continent is increasingly interacting with the rest of the world on its own terms. Through this commitment, Standard Bank aims to champion those African leaders who will actively build a future for Africa, led by Africans.

These leaders will be asked to exercise global influence through visionary leadership. Nine students will be carefully vetted and selected to complete their post-graduate studies at the prestigious institutions of Cambridge, Oxford and The London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom. Each specializing in their unique areas of expertise, these individuals will represent the best and brightest Africa has to offer, introducing thoughtful challenge amongst their peers as they grow in courage, fair-mindedness and integrity. Their stay and studies will be fully-funded and backed by Standard Bank as part of our commitment to enable and empower them to become effective leaders in Africa.


The Standard Bank Africa, Derek Cooper Scholarship is available to graduate students who are and will ordinarily remain resident in one of the African countries in which Standard Bank is present (see full list below). Prospective candidates must demonstrate an exceptional academic track record and will need to have successfully qualified on their own merit in their application for a one-year Master’s programme at either of the following partner university institutions: Oxford, Cambridge and London School of Economics and Political Science.

Upendeleo utapewa kwa wanafunzi wanaoanza kujifunza katika mojawapo ya programu zifuatazo:

Chuo Kikuu cha Oxford

  • Programu ya MSC inayotolewa na Mgawanyiko wa Masomo, Kimwili na Maisha, Sayansi za Jamii na Binadamu katika Chuo Kikuu.

London Shule ya Uchumi na Sayansi ya Siasa

  • MSc Uchumi wa Mazingira na Mabadiliko ya Hali ya Hewa
  • MSc Usimamizi wa Umma na Utawala
  • Fedha za MSC
  • MSC Hatari na Fedha
  • Fedha za MSc na Equity Private
  • MSc Real Estate Uchumi na Fedha
  • MSc Maendeleo ya Afrika
  • Sheria ya MSC na Uhasibu
  • MSc Uchumi na Usimamizi
  • Mfumo wa Taarifa za Usimamizi wa MSc na Innovation Digital
  • MSc Usimamizi na Mkakati
  • Masomo ya Fedha za MSc
  • MSc Uchumi na Falsafa
  • MSc Mazingira na Maendeleo

Chuo Kikuu cha Cambridge

  • MPhil katika Uchumi
  • Mphil katika Elimu
  • Mphil katika Uhandisi kwa Maendeleo Endelevu
  • Mphil katika Fedha
  • Mphil katika Usimamizi

Scholarship Worth:

  • Ufafanuzi utawapa ada na chuo cha chuo kikamilifu, na ruzuku ya matengenezo (yaani gharama za kuishi katika chuo kikuu kama vile kukodisha malazi ya chuo kikuu, chakula kilichochukuliwa chuo kikuu, nk) kulingana na kiwango cha chini cha kitaaluma cha utafiti wa Uingereza. Halmashauri.

Jinsi ya kuomba Benki Standard Standard, Derek Cooper Scholarship:

Tafadhali tashauriwa kwamba utahitajika kuomba programu yako ya uchaguzi pamoja na ufadhili. Tarehe ya maombi inatofautiana kwa kila taasisi. Tafadhali tafadhali rejea chuo kikuu cha uchaguzi kwa tarehe za maombi.

Maombi yanapaswa kufutwa moja kwa moja kupitia kila tovuti ya Chuo Kikuu, kama ifuatavyo:

Kwa Taarifa Zaidi:

Tembelea ukurasa wa Tovuti rasmi wa Benki ya Standard Derek Cooper Afrika Scholarships 2019

Maoni ya 2

  1. I am grateful and do appreciate the efforts and Willingness to improve African life standard through education ! Though I might not be partaker of the scholarship now, I greatly thank all those who in a way or in another, directly or indirectly participate in the improvement of the social life of this continent


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